Cute animals.

Pattern for rug punch hooking with motifs of Cute animals. 

The pattern is hand-drawn on jute/ hessian fabric.

We offer two standard sizes of the pattern, which are made for our square tufting frames.

For large square frame: 

motif size: 44 x 25 cm/ 17 x 10"; pre-drawn on 75 x 75 cm/ 30 x 30" hessian fabric

For small square frame:

motif size: 33 x 19 cm/ 13 x 7"; pre-drawn on on 60 x 60 cm/ 24 x 24" hessian fabric

For other sizes or backgrounds, feel free to contact me via email:

 A printable version of this pattern:

Available tufting frames:

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Danella Vintage Patterns & Kits

Danella Hooking Kits are a safe choice, loved by Danella needle users for decades.

Unique designs by artist Jane Dyrdal from 1950 - 1987

Danella patterns are the life's work of the artist Jane Dyrdal. In total, she created almost 300 unique handmade designs. Some single copies of Danella Hooked Rugs printed catalogs can still be found in


Patterns with Christmas motif

Patterns with Christmas motifs.
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Patterns and Kits

Patterns and kits for tufting home-made rugs with punch needle.

You can easily make your own designs by choosing separately a background pattern, elements, motifs and fit them together into your own homemade pattern for punch needle or tufting gun. Patterns are available as: printed on paper, drawn on hessian, PDF patterns for download or Kit incl. hessian and wool yarn.

Our patterns are specially designed to tuft with Danella needle, but they are perfectly suited also for manual punch needle and for hooking tool. However, you should be aware that some patterns need to be mirror-wetted when making needlecraft with hooking needle. Some patterns are indicated by the amount of yarn you will need, it is based on Danella needle diameter and original yarn.

Kit contains printed pattern on Jute/hessian, all the yarn you need  and easy instruction.

For special orders, orders for your frame size and patterns by photos, feel free to send an email on the website under "Contact",  I look forward to helping you!