Collection: Frames.

Do you want to create beautiful rug craft projects with ease? Tufting frames are the perfect solution for rug crafters who need to keep their fabric in place during the needlecraft process. Our frames are handmade and strong, lasting for decades, and are optimally sized and shaped for rug punching with Danella needle.


🧵 Tufting Fabric: Our frames tightly hold the tufting fabric in place, making it easier to craft rug projects. 🔨 Handmade: Our frames are handmade, ensuring they are strong and durable. 📏 Optimal Size and Shape: Our frames are designed to be the optimal size and shape for rug punching with Danella needle.


- Material: Strong and durable wood - Dimensions: Several sizes.


1. Place the tufting fabric over the frame. 2. Secure the fabric with the attached clamps. 3. Begin your rug punching project with Danella needle. 4. When you're finished, remove the fabric from the frame.


Q: How long do the frames last? A: Our frames are handmade and strong, making them last for decades. Q: Is the frame lightweight? A: Yes, the frame is lightweight and easy to move around.