DIY tufting with danella-needle

You don't have to be a pro in handcraft, good results depend on whether the tools and materials match. That’s where we come in—we help you find the right products: FRAMES - YARN - HESSIAN - PATTERNS

Frames, that keeps the fabric tight

Danella vintage Patterns & Kits

Danella Hooking Kits are a safe choice, loved by Danella needle users for decades.

Unique designs by artist Jane Dyrdal from 1950 - 1987

Danella patterns are the life's work of the artist Jane Dyrdal. In total, she created almost 300 unique handmade designs. Some single copies of Danella Hooked Rugs printed catalogs can still be found in


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Christmas Patterns

Cristmas themes related carpet tufting patterns with punch needle. Save money and make personal Christmas gifts yourself. We make carpet patterns in many sizes and designs. In addition to our design and standard dimensions, please feel free to contact us for personal design or for a pattern after an image.


With Danella needle and wool-yarn you can make your own home textiles, that provide healthy and balanced indoor climate. Whether it's a warm carpet on the floor, a wall covering for soundproofing, a Christmas stocking, a pillowcase, toys for your child, warm slippers, handbags, unique vest for the winter - there are endless possibilities.

You have a love for rug hooking, maybe you already have Danella needle, or dream of making home textiles yourself - We love to help creators.

We  invent and develop alternative materials, accessories and patterns for rug punching with Danella needle. Our products are tested by experts who also make their own rugs with the same Danella tool - so we know what works best!